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Nic Manshon

Hi, I’m Nic Manshon. Creativity, for me, started back when I was drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and entering Mother’s Day competitions for KTV. I always loved art as a kid and did it as a subject throughout my schooling career.  If I were to be totally honest, I never saw a career in creativity in high school, even though art was my highest marked subject.  Hence, I went to study personal training straight after high school and thereafter worked for Virgin Active for a while. Soon enough I realized that it wasn’t for me. Nonetheless, I believe nothing is lost with learning. After having these feelings to change my career, I started exploring creativity again. That was a good choice! The journey started out at CPUT, studying industrial design and serving at a local church, heading up the media department. After that, I got a scholarship for digital filmmaking at SAE. I never received a scholarship before so I was super stoked to do the course, not rea

Aa'isha Ebrahim

I keep waiting for the moment when I’ll feel like an adult. I keep waiting to finally be the kind of person who moisturises regularly and takes vitamins, and writes to-do lists. But the reality is I have no idea where this is going. And by ‘this’ I mean my life. I am trying to remain inspired by this mouldable, and ever changing path. I am trying to convince myself that it’s okay to be absolutely terrified because it keeps things exciting, and I am unequivocally disinterested in living a dull life. I want to leave behind some kind of legacy, and the word alone is burdensome. I haven’t figured out how I intend to use it ~ how I intend to live my life in a way that makes it worthy of being learned from. There is a part of me that wants to get five degrees and study till I’m grey, wearing hand-knitted jerseys and bifocals. But there’s another part of me that just wants to make art ~ harness my writing and my painting and open up a tiny coffee shop on the beachfront of some tiny town. Maybe write a few novels. Maybe learn to sew. Maybe become a champion boxer. Haha. [I wish I were joking about the champion boxer bit, but the truth is I’ve got a mean left hook that cannot be denied]. 

My mother keeps reminding me that living a great life and living an easy life are two completely different things. The former is often confronting and uncomfortable, and requires constantly challenging our self-imposed limits. I want to be ready for that. I think I am. 

Instagram: @acebrahim

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