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Crisco BL

My name is Sabelo Crisco Dlamini better known as Crisco BL. I’m an illustrator based in Durban. I’ve been illustrating for about a year & unlike other digital illustrators, I use my phone instead of a laptop to create my paintings.
My art is based on Depression, Anxiety & Anti Self Harm. The reason as to why I base my illustrations around these things is because I don’t think they are spoken of as much as they should be nor are they taken seriously. My illustrations or a form of self-reflection, things that I’ve gone through myself. I feel that in doing this, people can relate to my art as much as I do. 
A lot of teenagers these days go through the above mentioned and don’t have the platform to talk about it or express it. I want to make art that makes people feel like they’re not alone and that there are ways to deal with their pain.
You’ve probably noticed that I use a lot of yellow as a background in all my art. Yellow is a colour that is associated with happiness. I use the c…

Three Witches ~ Music For Dogs

We have just completed a two track EP, titled Music for Dogs, which we will be releasing on Monday 30th Oct 2017. 

An unplanned improvised WhatsApp voice-note of vocals over a beat sent from one musician to another was all it took to spark a project that would see Johnny Coutsoudis and Ciaran Slemon embark upon a journey of self-discovery and sonic intervention. With Johnny coming from a Rock and Roll background and Ciaran from Hip-Hop, the duo became an unlikely pair which would collaborate under the moniker “Three Witches”, an experimental-pop entity which examines the blurred line between electronic music and live instrumentation, blending familiar and nostalgic themes coupled with lyrics that openly discuss their inner fears, emotions, dreams, exploration of psychedelia and the inner depths of the mind.

Coming from ethnically and culturally mixed backgrounds and growing up in challenging, yet thought provoking environments where intuitive analysis of the world around them was key to survival, it’s not surprising that the pair would thrive in a project that was more open ended, being having a clear and concise goal in mind of what they want to achieve but not feeling pressured to stick to one particular style. In any given Three Witches song a multitude of different influences can be heard ranging from Damon Albarn to Tommy Cash and many in between, simply put their desire is to offer fresh beats and to explore the multi-faceted twists that can be applied to a ‘typical’ electronic sound.

The duo both attended the same high school, where they were certainly never the popular kids. They were the weird kids that struggled to determine exactly where they fitted into a pond of mucho male bravado and sports, completely unaware that they were not abnormal, but just had an entirely separate dialogue right beneath their noses that they had not yet worked out how to utilise.

The funny thing about having the revelation that music is a part of your soul is that it becomes who you are. It consumes every fibre of your entire existence and is a primal calling as old as time. Upon their journey they discovered that music serves as a dialogue of its own, a universal language that selflessly gave them the power to engage with those around them.

Music became their voices and through the power of lyrics and melody they were finally able to have their own identity and state who they really are, sharing both their greatest triumphs and their darkest times, their best kept secrets and the deepest realms of their minds. It forced them to wear their hearts on their sleeves, an unequivocally liberating feeling, as a state of vulnerability is a state of feeling alive.

Fast forward three years, after being thrown in the deep end from their very first show, opening for Samiyam (US)(Stones Throw) and DJ Lag at the OH OK Launch at the Castle of Good Hope; Three Witches immediately found their feet in front of the crowd and now look to expand to new crowds and fresh ears. With the Music for Dogs EP, they have coupled two vastly different sounding tracks to set the stage for their next full-length release with local producer Tzara, hoping listeners will approach their music with excitement and a mind open to discovery.

With this they humbly offer their third self-release. Find them on Facebook, Instagram and be sure to keep an eye out for near future releases on Deezer, Itunes, Spotify and many other platforms.

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