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Nic Manshon

Hi, I’m Nic Manshon.
Creativity, for me, started back when I was drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and entering Mother’s Day competitions for KTV. I always loved art as a kid and did it as a subject throughout my schooling career. 
If I were to be totally honest, I never saw a career in creativity in high school, even though art was my highest marked subject. 
Hence, I went to study personal training straight after high school and thereafter worked for Virgin Active for a while. Soon enough I realized that it wasn’t for me. Nonetheless, I believe nothing is lost with learning.
After having these feelings to change my career, I started exploring creativity again. That was a good choice!
The journey started out at CPUT, studying industrial design and serving at a local church, heading up the media department. After that, I got a scholarship for digital filmmaking at SAE. I never received a scholarship before so I was super stoked to do the course, not realizing what the future may hold.
I …

Shenaz Mahomed

“Muslims are invasive”, “Boom”, “Kaboom”, “Stand 15 metres away”, “The Quran and Jihad”, “Halaal Certified”... These are just some of the titles of my artworks and a look into the thoughts that constantly occupy my headspace.

My name is Shenaz Mahomed and I am a Visual Artist and Curator based in Pretoria.

And if that is not enough torture for myself, I am also currently pursuing my MA in Fine Arts at the University of Pretoria. I work predominantly in the medium of hand-papercut, inspired by exploring and redefining traditional ideas of Islamic Art.

I was once explaining what I do, to someone that I met at an art exhibition, and mentioned to her that I feel like I live on a different planet that consists of just me, my art, and everything concerned with it. She told me that it’s absolutely okay because these are my “selfish years” - the only time in my life that it will be all about me. Before the family, the kids and the responsibilities that will take up primary focus.

I don’t know if that’s the best perspective but I went with it anyway (some real ‘adulting’ right there). So at this point in my life, I plan to take full advantage of my “selfish years” in trying my best to visually communicate meaningful ideas, to disrupt, to comfort and everything in between.

And now for a mandatory quote:

"Art will play a tremendous part in the future in either picking up the pieces of the great destruction that could happen, or we will help to stop that destruction.” - Richard Bell

I hope you follow my journey.

Instagram: @shenaz_21

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