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Crisco BL

My name is Sabelo Crisco Dlamini better known as Crisco BL. I’m an illustrator based in Durban. I’ve been illustrating for about a year & unlike other digital illustrators, I use my phone instead of a laptop to create my paintings.
My art is based on Depression, Anxiety & Anti Self Harm. The reason as to why I base my illustrations around these things is because I don’t think they are spoken of as much as they should be nor are they taken seriously. My illustrations or a form of self-reflection, things that I’ve gone through myself. I feel that in doing this, people can relate to my art as much as I do. 
A lot of teenagers these days go through the above mentioned and don’t have the platform to talk about it or express it. I want to make art that makes people feel like they’re not alone and that there are ways to deal with their pain.
You’ve probably noticed that I use a lot of yellow as a background in all my art. Yellow is a colour that is associated with happiness. I use the c…

Savannah Viuff

Growing up, we're plagued with the incessant question of "What do you want to be when you grow up?". Most of us reply unthinkingly with the answer of a rockstar or a fireman. As we grow older, the answer becomes more based upon our strengths - engineer or accountant. As for me, I can safely say that the question remains unanswerable. But for now, no matter how predictable it sounds, what I want is to be is happy. 

My name is Savannah, coffee-and-beach enthusiast. To start of with, I'm currently a student at Herschel girls school. I'm hoping to study abroad, after a couple months of traveling and exploring the beautiful world we live in.  

Originally I'm from Denmark. Last year I spent a year at a boarding school where I got a feel for the Danish culture and language. It was an incredible experience. That time away from my family gave me a chance to develop a sense of independence and helped me mature into the young adult I am today. 

I'm probably what you would call a stereotypical teenage girl - I love my friends and going out on the weekends. I also have a passion for makeup, and can spend hours looking at eye shadows or trying on lipsticks with my friends. 

But, my social life put aside, I also love reading. I could spend an entire day devouring a good book, my favorites being The Kite Runner and Gone With The Wind. I also have a passion for art. I love drawing and painting, with an array of sketchbooks and drawings littering my bedroom desk. 

My adventures are just getting started, and I look forward to the experiences lying ahead. 

Instagram: @savannahviuff

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