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Nic Manshon

Hi, I’m Nic Manshon. Creativity, for me, started back when I was drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and entering Mother’s Day competitions for KTV. I always loved art as a kid and did it as a subject throughout my schooling career.  If I were to be totally honest, I never saw a career in creativity in high school, even though art was my highest marked subject.  Hence, I went to study personal training straight after high school and thereafter worked for Virgin Active for a while. Soon enough I realized that it wasn’t for me. Nonetheless, I believe nothing is lost with learning. After having these feelings to change my career, I started exploring creativity again. That was a good choice! The journey started out at CPUT, studying industrial design and serving at a local church, heading up the media department. After that, I got a scholarship for digital filmmaking at SAE. I never received a scholarship before so I was super stoked to do the course, not rea

Menzi Mcunu

Menzi Mcunu(@Menzi_xonx) is an all-round creative with a special interest for brand building and creative consulting. Mcunu is the founder and creative director of start-up bespoke menswear brand Afrocentric Gentlemvn, which caters for the new age African man who is also a man of the world. Menzi is a diehard fashion enthusiast, with a particular interest in dapper styled menswear. Through this Menzi has featured in many creative domains namely on Topshop Magazine, Destiny Man, GQ south Africa online and with creative collective Art Comes First and Street Etiquette.  

Menzi is also the co-founder of Made in Johannesburg (, an online blog by three creatives in which they depict their realities in Johannesburg. 

In every creative project I take on I prioritise two things - innovation and quality.
With all the projects I embark I try and conceptualize in what ways “I can make this better “I ask myself “how can I improve this design or make this experience more fulfilling” This type of thinking is integral to every endeavour I partake in and is depicted in the final product or experience in my creative projects, through this process I  believe I can make my final product ultimately more innovative.   

I have always been obsessed with the finer details and the quality of a product. This is illustrated in the way in which I value each and every detail in anything I do whether it be designing a bespoke suit with a hand stitched peaked lapel or hosting an event in which I try have a personal interaction with every individual attending. It is this type of attention to detail that I emphasis through my creative process. 

Right now, I’m working on further understanding different types of unusual textiles and how they can be incorporated into my brands creative process. I’m also interested in events and creating fulfilling entertainment spaces for likeminded individuals. I’m working with a few brands in which I’m trying to help them better communicate with the customer and furthermore evolve to cater to a more dynamic target market.

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