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Nic Manshon

Hi, I’m Nic Manshon. Creativity, for me, started back when I was drawing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and entering Mother’s Day competitions for KTV. I always loved art as a kid and did it as a subject throughout my schooling career.  If I were to be totally honest, I never saw a career in creativity in high school, even though art was my highest marked subject.  Hence, I went to study personal training straight after high school and thereafter worked for Virgin Active for a while. Soon enough I realized that it wasn’t for me. Nonetheless, I believe nothing is lost with learning. After having these feelings to change my career, I started exploring creativity again. That was a good choice! The journey started out at CPUT, studying industrial design and serving at a local church, heading up the media department. After that, I got a scholarship for digital filmmaking at SAE. I never received a scholarship before so I was super stoked to do the course, not rea

Kutloano Tshabalala

True Story, in High School my friends and I delivered a public speaking speech about the light of Independence... now that I’ve got your attention...

I am Kutloano Tshabalala, also known as Astero Red (IG: astero_red). I am a designer and model ,also a victim who suffers from an Adidas addiction. Don’t be too alarmed by this, my addiction is being treated!

I love the idea of self expression through different forms of art, in this, I fell in love with drawing and started exploring and expressing myself through fashion and just being fearless and bold in my art and fashion sense. The ability to communicate and provoke emotion through clothing or paper. My love for fashion lead me towards modelling and photography.

The influential people I surround myself with make me desire to reflect the confidence, efficiency and humility I am exposed to, through hard work and consistency.

- Part time Model.
- Graphic Designer.
- Life Ethusiast.

Who recently fell in love with exercise again, so It is safe to say I spend a lot of my time in the gym.

I one day dream of living closer to the ocean, the waves are extremely soothing and calm down any turmoil within. I just love water, drinking it, sitting in it, watching it drip. It calms me down and reminds me of the purity of life, in this fast paced digital world.

Hip Hop culture paved the path to my free expression and this is seen through my art (, my style won’t let you miss it.

My career remains undefined.

- I am a creative,
- Forever changing,
- Forever evolving.

Hungry to explore different mediums... unable to be defined as “to define is to limit”.

Most of my hommies/photographers allow me to be the fashionista I fancy myself to be, and contributed to my growth as a model , @kg_dynamic, @cindyleahcashmere, @shadetoodark. Most of my friends are photographers which is extremely radical for a model that wishes to be expressive through self styling.We always collaborate and create art. That’s how my modelling career path began.

I’m gonna be that guy, and quote the Adidas slogan but honestly guys, “Impossible is nothing”. This line keeps me aiming for goals that are way beyond my reach. This is how I know, I am on the right track. Thank you Creators Club for this opportunity, I will not stop until I am remarkable, as a human being first, before anything else.

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