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Crisco BL

My name is Sabelo Crisco Dlamini better known as Crisco BL. I’m an illustrator based in Durban. I’ve been illustrating for about a year & unlike other digital illustrators, I use my phone instead of a laptop to create my paintings.
My art is based on Depression, Anxiety & Anti Self Harm. The reason as to why I base my illustrations around these things is because I don’t think they are spoken of as much as they should be nor are they taken seriously. My illustrations or a form of self-reflection, things that I’ve gone through myself. I feel that in doing this, people can relate to my art as much as I do. 
A lot of teenagers these days go through the above mentioned and don’t have the platform to talk about it or express it. I want to make art that makes people feel like they’re not alone and that there are ways to deal with their pain.
You’ve probably noticed that I use a lot of yellow as a background in all my art. Yellow is a colour that is associated with happiness. I use the c…


SK SUPREME from Pietermaritzburg South Africa. 

Song Bio:
This musical journey started off in 2008 when SK started rapping, as a hobby, and has gone through through many different genres and inspirations which have resulted in his evolution as a producer, rapper, vocalist and songwriter.

Today SK is a skilled Rapper, Producer, Vocalist and Engineers all of his own music, as well as some the work of artists he’s worked with. These skills were all acquired by experimentation and being self taught. SK is also a graphic designer and has dreams of pursuing more visual mediums of art to express and spread his message.
The song is from the experience of the higher levels of the extended chakra system being opened. SK speaks about being more aware of what truly makes a person great and how they decide their own limits to their potential.
Chamber XI(11) refers to the many meanings of the number eleven (11) as a spiritual symbol. The lyrics can be understood on many levels and the perspective is set to that as one's understanding deepens and expands the words will always hold new knowledge and aid them on their spiritual journey. Either prompting listeners to find new ideas and understanding or to affirm they already have. This is the beautiful about the universe.

The production on this song is done by VXXX$ who has been a large part of of SUPREME'S production for many years now - as a ghost producer and somewhat guide since their encounter.

After making Slikour Online's #UnderdogDay with the single "Plug & Play" Junior DeRocka had the track on his #PutOn segment for four weeks straight due to listeners tuning in and voting every week. This ended off in an interview on the "Gagasi Music Sessions" in studio with Junior DeRocka, Ntombi Makhathini and Maverick Mali, on the 23rd of March. SK announced in his interview that his new project would drop on the 31.03.2017.

The "PLU$H EP" is an 11-track project. The whole title is an acronym for: Pursuing Love To Unlimited Riche$ And Happiness - The Esoteric Projection.

The project has only 2 vocal features and 2 features from other producers. The vocalists are Sir Duncan, The Great - delivering a hook on "Black Pyramids" and the intuitive and enlightening messenger and teacher Joanne Walmsley.

The "PLU$H EP" is an 11-track project. The whole title is an acronym for: Pursuing Love To Unlimited Riche$ And Happiness - The Esoteric Projection.

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