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Crisco BL

My name is Sabelo Crisco Dlamini better known as Crisco BL. I’m an illustrator based in Durban. I’ve been illustrating for about a year & unlike other digital illustrators, I use my phone instead of a laptop to create my paintings.
My art is based on Depression, Anxiety & Anti Self Harm. The reason as to why I base my illustrations around these things is because I don’t think they are spoken of as much as they should be nor are they taken seriously. My illustrations or a form of self-reflection, things that I’ve gone through myself. I feel that in doing this, people can relate to my art as much as I do. 
A lot of teenagers these days go through the above mentioned and don’t have the platform to talk about it or express it. I want to make art that makes people feel like they’re not alone and that there are ways to deal with their pain.
You’ve probably noticed that I use a lot of yellow as a background in all my art. Yellow is a colour that is associated with happiness. I use the c…

Kamo Moth

Where I'm at...

Jeez at this moment my life is pretty much a peanut butter, tuna and jam sandwich...Yikes! Don't be alarmed though some people appreciate such combos and by some I mean those who are preggers, females going through that time of the month and/or those residing in can I get laid because I've been checked into the heartbreak motel too long *giggles*

If by now you still don't get where I'm at, then great, it means I've achieved at least one thing this year lol! Which is basically trying to say I'm on the first page of my diary and it reads as follows: "New City, New Home, New Job"

Dreams and Aspirations: 

Oh my if I told you those I'd have to kill you *stares* but I will tell you this much Kamo Moth is not just a double thick, chocolate cake *wink* oh relax I kid. Stay tuned because I'm about to come like the Victoria Falls *cover mouth* I should stop now...

Fun side of life...

Are you kidding? This entire article is hilarious. Typical South Africans *sigh* never satisfied.
Drops Mic...DAB

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