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Crisco BL

My name is Sabelo Crisco Dlamini better known as Crisco BL. I’m an illustrator based in Durban. I’ve been illustrating for about a year & unlike other digital illustrators, I use my phone instead of a laptop to create my paintings.
My art is based on Depression, Anxiety & Anti Self Harm. The reason as to why I base my illustrations around these things is because I don’t think they are spoken of as much as they should be nor are they taken seriously. My illustrations or a form of self-reflection, things that I’ve gone through myself. I feel that in doing this, people can relate to my art as much as I do. 
A lot of teenagers these days go through the above mentioned and don’t have the platform to talk about it or express it. I want to make art that makes people feel like they’re not alone and that there are ways to deal with their pain.
You’ve probably noticed that I use a lot of yellow as a background in all my art. Yellow is a colour that is associated with happiness. I use the c…

Elze-Mari Krüger

My name is Elze-Mari Krüger currently living my 23rd year. I am studying Pharmacy at the North West University Potchefstroom Campus.

I am a happy student with no disabilities, health problems or unfortunate personal affairs. I am lucky enough to have both parents still married, 2 wonderful (but sometimes very annoying) younger sisters, a big close family, a loving and almost perfect boyfriend as well as great true friends. I am not saying my life is perfect (I mean whose is?), but I certainly have no reason to complain about anything.

But, and now I'm speaking to all 23 year olds with the same dilemma as me, this is the time where you come to realize all of the above happiness basically originated from your parents' decisions and life choices. Referring to their career choices (being able to take care of a family and giving me a normal happy home), their love choices (well I wouldn't be on earth if my Mom and Dad didn't chose each other to love), their baby choices (if only they stopped at 1 ;) , joking, I love my little sisters to bits), their choices on how to raise their children (being polite and having respect for others makes you an easy target for good friends), as well as deciding to keep loving each other even through all the normal marriage fights (teaching me about faithfulness made me take a chance with this guy I am now so happy with). 

Therefore, it just hit me this year, that the possibility of my daughter/ son one-day typing this same happy letter depends totally on my life decisions of say the coming 10 years. We, 23 year olds, are now in the 'choices-dilemma' that will determine our whole future! Let's talk about how everyone you know is getting engaged, or even married already or even pregnant! 

This is the time you have to choose who you want to spend your life with (and I mean WHOLE life as divorce should not be your back door when making love decisions), choosing jobs and determining the path of your career (meaning where you start working and how long you plan to stay at one place), and if some of you are there already; deciding how early you want to give up your freedom and have a baby (me myself want to have children early, say at the age of 25, but I still treasure my current freedom), and last but definitely most important: choosing to give up your no-responsibility-mommy-sponsoring-life! 

To be honest, the 'adult world' scares me, all I can think about is taxes, rent, food, electricity, water, furniture, medical aid, etc. etc etc. Yeah you'll finally be earning your own money, but all of it will go to the above.
My lesson to all is: Enjoy your happy, free, sponsored, comfy life while you can. But also keep in mind all of the above when making life choices that decides a specific life for you.

So therefore I share this photo of me in my 'happyplace' (at the beach) totally content but constantly thinking about the life choices waiting for me the next few years...

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